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Events+Resources // October 19, 2017 //

GREAT NEWS! 2RCChatt now has the opportunity to serve on TWO of the early build weekends so that we have plenty of activity for everyone who wants to volunteer!

Habitat has opened up Saturday, November 4 in addition to our Saturday, November 11 date. Here are instructions on how to register for and get cleared for one or both of the workdays:

Anyone wanting to work both days will need to register for both in order for them to be added to both lists in the Habitat system. Remember that worksite volunteers must be at least 16 years old to be cleared to work on the site. Youth and children can serve in support roles but are not allowed to work with tools on the home site.


All volunteers participating in the build must watch the attached videos and complete a volunteer waiver (this does not include volunteers who provide lunch, etc.). Here’s the link:


After completing the waiver you will be prompted to a new screen from which you choose the volunteer date. You will see “Fall 2017 Faith House [Reserved]” listed. After clicking on that, you will click the blue “sign up” button at the top and sign up for the date associated with our church (November 4 & November 11).

We also need a few people to volunteer on November 11 to bring: drinks, fruit and dessert for approximately 25 people on the worksite.

Any questions can be directed to Jon Teague: jon@2rc.org

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