Haiti Relief Update

News // April 10, 2017 //

Months ago, when hurricane Matthew came and devastated the country of Haiti, our very own Wensly Destine’s family in Haiti was severely impacted. One of his uncle’s homes was greatly damaged, and another uncle’s home was entirely destroyed. We communicated the need and gathered just under $6,000 together to send for efforts to rebuild these two homes. Here’s an update from Wensly that shares what the Lord is doing through your generosity:

Joseph Destine` (my father) came back from a five day visit to Port-Salut, Haiti where he helped already working men with the reconstruction of one family’s house and the building of another.
My uncle Tou-Tou, who is one of the men leading the construction and also owns the house being built, is overwhelmed with gratitude. His entire family could not be more grateful. The people of Two Rivers have given my family hope that in this time of turmoil would otherwise be hard to find.
Although the money raised will not completely finish both houses tremendous steps have been taken. When finished the new house will have 1 living room, 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths. To put this into perspective, most houses in Port-Salut have 2 rooms total; and an outhouse. Two River’s generosity has given my family a luxurious home!
Words literally can’t express how thankful my family and I are. This is only the beginning. I can see this becoming the stepping stones of Two Rivers impacting the entire Port-Salut community greatly.

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