Being a follower of Christ comes with a lot of reason to celebrate. Choosing to fully believe in and trust Jesus frees us from all bondage. Why would we not celebrate his majesty every chance we get?!

Among all the days of celebrating my Father, there is no day more monumental to me than Easter. Three days after the veil was torn and the only perfect man to ever live on Earth died on a cross – that same man rose. Carrying all of my sin and shame, He overcame the eternal death that I deserved and gave me a chance to live by his side – forever.

On Easter I celebrate the victory of my Father. I worship a mighty God who sent his perfect son to save me and all of my brothers and sisters. The story did not end at the cross – we have an almighty Father who crushed the serpent. He rescued his children from the darkness and brought his church home. On this day I remember that I have nothing to fear. I have a Father who healed the sick, commanded the seas and overcame the grave.
On Easter I celebrate being in love with, and fully loved by, Jesus.”


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