Biblical Life Counseling

We all experience difficult circumstances in which we feel we can no longer handle it on our own.

We all struggle with broken relationships, financial hardships, addiction recovery, grief and loss…just to name a few. We need Jesus to lead us to emotional health, strong relationships, and healing. We believe the church is the family designed by God to walk with you.

When you need a more focused place to grow, Biblical Life Counseling can join you as you learn to depend deeply on Christ for hope, life, and healing for his glory.

Why we believe the church is the place for this ministry:

In Ephesians 4:7-16, the Apostle Paul teaches us that the role of skilled church leaders is to equip and build up the body so that it is healthy and whole. We want to provide intentional opportunities to help remove barriers that hinder spiritual insight and growth. We do not provide psychological treatment for psychological or mental health disorders. We will refer out should this better meet someone’s needs

What the ministry will do:

Biblical Life Counselors and their counselees will commit to short-term counseling for healing and transformation by those trained in discipleship counseling. Biblical Life Counseling is for those who are in distressing circumstances and are committed to spiritually navigating this with a trained discipleship counselor. The counselee will work with their Biblical Life Counselor on specific goals through biblical insight, fervent prayer, and spiritual guidance.

Who can participate:

Anyone who thinks that they may benefit from someone joining them in their spiritual journey towards healing and freedom in Christ can ask for an initial meeting to see if this type of counseling is the best fit.

Laura Wolfe

Director of Biblical Counseling

Laura earned a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Carson Newman College in 2012. During her study, she interned with Knoxville’s Fellowship Church where she trained in Kevin Huggins’ Discipleship Counseling model. Laura continued as an Assistant High School Director and Associate of Counseling Ministries for eight years. She has a passion to join the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in “binding the brokenhearted and setting the captives free” (Isaiah 61:1) through this intentional work.