Scripture: Luke 15:1-7. This is the story of the lost sheep. Jesus is speaking to the religious leaders, and he is describing what God is like. He is like a shepherd who has lost a sheep.

shepherd-costume-fur-trimmed-1276--561-pSupplies: Shepherd outfit – a piece of cloth to put on your head, and a belt or strap to secure it (you could even just put a t-shirt on your head); A Sheep – if you don’t have a live one, a stuffed sheep (plush toy, not taxidermy) will do! And if you don’t have a stuffed sheep, then any stuffed animal can serve as the sheep.

Step 1: Get your family gathered together in one room of the house. In another room, hide the stuffed animal. Put on the shepherd outfit.

Step 2: Enter the family room dressed like a shepherd. Act upset and explain that you have lost your one of your sheep. Ask them to help you look everywhere for it!

Step 3: Spend some time playing several rounds of “hide the sheep.” The kids will want to take a turn hiding it, too! Let them where the shepherd outfit and also act out being upset because they lost their sheep!

Step 4: Gather together for the Bible story. Explain that Jesus told a story about a shepherd who lost a sheep. Then read Luke 15:1-7.

Questions to Ask:
1. The shepherd still had 99 other sheep, so why do you think the shepherd cared so much about the one lost sheep?
2. What did the shepherd do when he found his lost sheep?
3. How is God like the shepherd in this story? (you might give the kids a moment to answer and then help them) You could also look at Luke 19:10, when Jesus said that he came to seek and to save the lost.

You will probably have more questions and add more creativity to the story! Have fun with it!

Wrap up your time by praying together. Thank God for his love, and thank Him for the fact that every person is important to Him. You could even pray for friends and family who need to know God loves them.

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