Our Vision

We connect people to a caring family that is being transformed by Jesus to impact the world around us.


In the traditional “Word-based” cultures of many evangelical churches, there is an emphasis placed on Bible study, scripture memorization, and the authority of God’s Word…but sometimes a neglect of learning to be guided by the person of the Holy Spirit.

In many traditional “Spirit-led” cultures in many charismatic churches, there is an emphasis placed upon expressive worship, gifts of the Spirit, and an expectation of God’s manifest presence…but sometimes there is a neglect of careful biblical study and teaching of the Scripture.

Two Rivers Church seeks to borrow from the best of both of these traditions while avoiding the extremes.

We are committed to be people devoted to the Word of God led by the Spirit of God and merging these two rivers of tradition.


We do life together

Shared experiences make great stories.

We have fun

We live authentically

We live in response to god

We believe God’s Word changes people


We believe God works through broken people


We fight for relational health


We live generously