Focus on the GOSPEL – the saving grace of Jesus Christ; the
unconditional love of God; the power of the Holy Spirit in our
lives every day…

THIS is the something that is more important than our fear.

THIS is what drives us when we’re afraid we won’t get it

THIS is what compels us when we’re tired and overwhelmed
or busy and distracted.

The GOSPEL is what our families desperately need.

When we parent from the Gospel, not our fears, we…..

  • We are parents who worship God, not our kids.
  • We understand that our kids belong to the Lord.
  • We are courageous enough to discipline.
  •  We invest in the relationship so we can implement the rules (without fear of our kids disapproval).
  • We don’s compare ourselves to other parents.
  • We are pursuing the Bigger Story instead of the Perfect Picture
  • We invite others to be influences in our kids lives
  • We extend grace without fear of it being deserved or abused.
  • We are focused on preparing, not just protecting.
  • We admit when we blow it.
  • We create a safe place to try new things, make mistakes, and learn from them.
  • We keep the end in mind: who our kids are becoming.
  • We model stepping out of our comfort zones and risking for God.
  • We engage hard questions instead of evade them.
  • We put our marriages first.
  • We understand that later is longer.


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