In our study of Nehemiah, we have been challenged to say, “Yes!” to God. Nehemiah stepped out in faith and followed God’s calling on his life to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall. One Sunday, Pastor Jon challenged us to be attentive to opportunities God gives us to join him in his work around us.

The following morning, Rebecca, a Two River’s volunteer, spent some time praying, reading Scripture, and seeking God. She responded to the challenge and God placed a friend on her heart. So she decided to call her after breakfast. Confirmation came immediately after everyone finished eating… Rebecca’s phone rang and it was the same friend she had felt God prompting her to contact. She knew it was a sign!

Throughout their conversation, Rebecca’s friend revealed that she was struggling with doubts about her faith in God. Her friend knows that Rebecca is firm in her faith, so she was relieved that she felt comfortable enough sharing these issues and wasn’t concerned she would be judged. Rebecca’s friend opened up to her and her prayers were heard as God laid applicable Scriptures on her heart, from her morning Bible study, no less!

Rebecca’s continued prayer is that her words, guided by God, somehow helped her friend sort out the confusion, dismiss doubts, and encourage her. Since that conversation, Rebecca knows exactly how to pray for her friend. She is confident that God used Pastor Jon’s sermon to still her own heart and to give her boldness, so that she could minister to a friend.

We LOVE hearing stories like this! The Gospel in action is an astoundingly beautiful, moving thing, and it is energizing to see God’s work so clearly in action. Do you have any stories of how God is moving in our community? Please share them with us! Email or contact us on social media at!


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