The Bible is a big book…in fact, it’s made of 66 little books. So, naturally, it can be hard to know where to begin. Just remember, it’s key to start with a plan. When you set yourself in the right direction, gather people to cheer you on, and press “stop” over “snooze, you’ll be ready to take on the day with a fresh perspective grounded in the Truth.

To help you get going, here a few options of plans and resources that we love. Check em’ out! ( P.S. they’re all free!)

Read Scripture: Ever feel like you can’t make sense of the bible because you don’t understand all the history? This app is just right for you! It’s a reading plan, broken down into about 30-40 minutes reading sections and paired with super entertaining illustrated videos to help you make sense of history, context, and key themes.

She Reads Truth: She Reads Truth’s mission is simple: “Women in the Word of God, everyday.” She Reads Truth has a great team of writers that have created plans for over 50 different books/themes of the Bible. You can access She Reads Truth online or through their app. You’ll simply read the given passage(s) and the writer’s thoughts/challenges that go along with it, and even memorize Scripture along the way. Added bonus, if you are a print person, you can head on over to their shop and buy a physical copy of the study to go along with- P.S. Ladies, these are absolutely beautiful!

He Reads Truth: To all our guys out there, we didn’t forget about you! He Reads Truth is set up just the same as She Reads Truth, just built for the eyes and minds of men. They have over 35 studies to choose from. Plus, to our married men out there, you can coordinate with your wife and do the same study together! Check it out here!

YouVersion (“The Bible App”): Addiction, marriage, forgiveness, prayer- you name it, they’ve got a study for it! Download the app or browse online and find 100s of studies for all sorts of topics and books. Plus, you can choose studies that suit your time frame best, whether it’s five days or 40 days, there are plenty of options to explore.

SOAP: With the “SOAP” method, you can tackle any section of Scripture or book of the Bible. Simply read, make observations, think about applications, and pray.

Here’s some ways you can get started! Got any other great resources? We’d love to hear them!


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