Summer JamsIsn’t it amazing how a song can transport us to a place and time and even stir up the emotion attached to that memory?

Maybe it was the song you played when you got dumped in high school (or maybe that was just me)…or maybe it’s a song that captures your frustration…or the song you play when the windows are down and life is good!

The Psalms are the songs of the Bible, and each psalm has a way of capturing different emotions or mindsets we experience with God. In a way they are like the soundtrack to life with God.

When you’re angry with God…there’s a psalm for that.

When you’re celebrating God’s goodness…there are psalms for that.

When you’re feeling disconnected from God…you’ll find those psalms as well!

Starting July 26, we are going to study the psalms so that we can learn how to praise God, and also pray to God, in the middle of life’s circumstances. Hope you’ll join us and invite someone to come with you!


Join us this Sunday at 9:15am or 10:45am for our Sunday Services!
Ooltewah Elementary School
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